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Commercial Cardboard Box Recycling: Great Insights To Remember

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It's common for cardboard boxes to collect around your commercial property. Instead of letting them pile up, recycle them for profit. You'll have success doing so if you focus on the following protocols.

Make Sure Boxes Are Empty 

Your company may use cardboard boxes for holding all sorts of supplies and materials. However, don't leave them inside the boxes when you recycle them. 

Take the extra effort to remove what's inside so a recycling center isn't responsible for these steps. The cardboard boxes will be much cleaner, and you'll be able to deal with cardboard recycling faster. 

If the contents inside your cardboard boxes are just trash, hold the boxes over a trashcan for easy dumping. 

Flatten Boxes 

Once you remove the contents inside your cardboard boxes, do your best to flatten them. The recycling center you use will appreciate flat, organized pieces.

Additionally, it's much easier to transport cardboard boxes to a recycling center when they're flat because you can stack pieces on top of each other and bundle them with string or rope. 

Instead of taking frequent trips to a recycling center, you can collect all your boxes and transport them to the nearest recycling center in one trip.   

Use a Recycling Bin For Storage

Rather than letting cardboard boxes collect around your building before a company recycles them, get a storage solution. A recycling bin is optimal for several reasons.

It gives you a dedicated space for all your company's cardboard boxes. The bin also protects the cardboard boxes from the elements if you decide to place the bin outside, ensuring you can recycle every piece without issue later on. 

Make sure the recycling bin is labeled correctly for cardboard boxes so that all your employees know where to put these materials as soon as they pile up. 

Find the Best Rate

If one of your main goals when recycling cardboard boxes is to make money, find out which center offers the best rate. Fortunately, recycling rates for cardboard boxes are available for the public to see.

After comparing recycling rates, choose the center that allows you to profit the most. In addition to bettering the environment and clearing up space around your commercial property, you'll have no regrets about the offer you receive. 

You can make a good amount of money recycling cardboard boxes around a commercial property. Do what works for you and you'll avoid wasted effort. 

For more information, contact a local cardboard recycling center.