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Don't Dump—Donate: 10 Places That Will Take Your Old TV

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A new TV is an exciting purchase, but one that comes with a challenge. What should you do with the old one? You are not alone in this dilemma. Due to environmental reasons, old electronic devices cannot be dumped in local junkyards. The toxic substances TVs are made of can wreak havoc on our environment and there are steep fines with getting caught dumping them anyway.

Electronic recycling centers are one option, but most charge you to recycle an old TV. If you just bought an expensive new TV, then you likely don't want to pay to get rid of the old one. With a little investigative work, you'll find many places will happily accept old TV donations. Here are ten organizations to reach out to: 

1. Veteran shelters and service organizations: Nonprofits who specialize in finding housing for veterans will gladly take old TVs to furnish a veteran's new home. 

2. Women and children shelters: Women who leave their abusive relationships often have to start completely over with nothing. They don't care about the age of a TV—they'll just be happy to get one.

3. After-school programs: As a place for school-aged kids to hang out, many after-school organizations may take old TVs for kids to play video games or watch movies. 

4. Churches: Many churches run day camps and vacation Bible schools in the summer. They may accept an old TV to use at these events. 

5. Homeless shelters: homeless people who seek asylum want a place that feels like home, even if just temporarily. Many shelters try to provide a homey rec space but don't often have extra funds to spend on luxuries like TVs. 

6. Antique stores: If you have an old console TV, an antique store may take it to sell for someone to repurpose or restore. 

7. Thrift stores: There is a mixed bag of people who shop in thrift stores. Some look for cheap home items and others scour thrift stores for items to restore. Your old TV may be just what they're searching for. 

8. Daycares and Schools: With low budgets for technology, many schools will take TVs for classroom use. This may be particularly true for schools and daycares in lower-income areas, so don't be afraid to reach out to nearby cities. 

9. Public libraries: Many libraries host movie afternoons and other community programs they need TVs for. 

10. Salvation Army: While not all Salvation Army locations will accept all TVs, most will at least take the old school flat screens. 

If you have no luck with any of these local organizations, consider taking your TV to electronic recycling services. This is ideal if you're looking for a quick, easy fix, or you need someone to take your TV from your home because you can't transport it.