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Getting the Trash Removed from Your Property

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Trash is never something you want on your property. It looks terrible, can create health problems, and can detract from the value of the property if you ever want to sell it. If you have a lot of trash to deal with, some companies will haul it away for you, and depending on your situation, you may want to set up a contract for weekly or even daily trash removal.

Commercial Properties and Trash Removal

Most people are familiar with the large trash trucks that come and empty the dumpsters or compactors on commercial properties. The trash companies that operate those trucks offer that service to businesses and commercial properties with a variety of options to choose from. In many cases they haul the trash away weekly; in other cases, it is more often than that. Setting up a commercial contract starts with meeting a representative of the trash company and explaining your needs. They may want to look over your property to determine the best spot for the dumpster or compactor as well. 

Setting Up the Dumpster Area

After deciding where the trash container will go on the property, you may want to have a contractor come in and build an area that will hold the dumpster and keep it out of sight. These containment areas are common with businesses, and they keep all the trash inside a wall or fence, so the general public does not have to see it when they visit your business. Talk to the trash company about requirements they have for the area and get the dimensions of the container that is going inside the area so that the contractor knows how big to make the fence or walls. 

Residential Trash Removal

Some trash companies will work with residential clients as well as larger commercial clients. They can bring a smaller dumpster to the property, and you can decide how often you want it emptied. The trash company will come and dump the container, then haul the trash to a landfill or transfer station for you. Most residential properties don't need an entire dumpster, but small apartment buildings or duplexes may benefit from a dumpster instead of cans that have to go to the curb every week. 

Trash Cleanup

For properties that need cleaning up, renting a dumpster for a few days or a week of cleanup time may be the best way to go. The dumpster company can drop off the container for you to fill during your cleanup and then pick it up later for you. For properties that have a lot of trash to clean up, these can be very convenient and cost effective as well. 

For information about working with a trash hauling service, see if there are any such businesses in your area that can help.