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Safe Recycling Tips For Old Hairspray Cans

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Aerosol hairspray is used by many people to achieve the level of hold needed to maintain a hairstyle throughout the day. Although hairspray can be a beneficial product, disposing of the aerosol cans many hairsprays come in can be challenging. Aerosol cans must be handled with care to prevent contamination or injury.

Use these simple tips to safely recycle your old hairspray cans in the future.

1. Make sure the can is empty.

Before you attempt to discard of your aerosol can, you need to ensure that the can is empty. If you plan to switch brands or you just want to start a new can of hairspray, shake the old can to check for any remaining product.

If you can feel liquid moving around inside the can or hairspray still comes out of the nozzle, it's best to donate the can to someone who can use the remaining hairspray. If you can't donate the product, take the can to a special recycling facility that can safely puncture the can and remove its contents.

Never attempt to open an aerosol can on your own, as this might cause the pressurized contents inside the hairspray can to explode.

2. Don't throw away aerosol cans that aren't empty.

It's always best to recycle your aerosol cans when possible, especially if they still have some hairspray remaining inside them. Putting a partially-filled aerosol can into the trash is dangerous.

Because these cans are pressurized during manufacturing, they have the potential to explode if exposed to high temperatures or extreme pressure. An aerosol can could explode inside the garbage collection truck, putting city workers at risk of sustaining injuries.

Only a qualified recycling center should be trusted to safely dispose of aerosol cans that aren't totally empty.

3. Don't alter aerosol cans prior to recycling.

Aluminum cans and plastic bottles are often crushed prior to recycling to help reduce their volume and make them easier to handle. It's important that you don't apply this same principle to your aerosol cans when opting to recycle them in the future.

You can remove the plastic lid from your hairspray can and recycle it separately, but you should leave the spray nozzle intact. Don't attempt to crush or dismantle the can in any way. Modifying your hairspray cans could lead to an explosion, so it's best to let the experienced professionals at an aerosol can disposal center handle the modification process for you.