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Trash Removal Solutions For Concert Venues: Four Options To Consider

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Concert venues can product a lot of trash, and having the right solutions to manage the mess can keep your venue clean and orderly. Partnering with a commercial trash service is the first step toward managing your venue's waste. Here are a few solutions to discuss with your service to keep a lid on your trash.

Organic Waste Removal

Food waste is just one type of waste that is produced by concert venues. To reduce food waste and put a responsible disposal system in place, talk to your commercial trash service about setting up organic composting for the food scraps from your kitchens. Your trash service will pick up the waste and add it to composting landfills to create fertilizer.

Recycling Receptacles

Whether you serve drinks in bottles, cups, or cans, the waste materials from the beverages concert-goers drink can fill trash cans and landfills quickly. Work with your commercial trash service to set up recycling containers throughout your venue that can be used to dispose of cans, bottles, and cups. The containers should be clearly labeled, and they should be situated near trash bins to prevent people from throwing away recyclables just because they can't find a proper container.

Cardboard Balers

Your vendors may deliver your food and beverage products in cardboard containers, and that cardboard can also take up a lot of space in dumpsters. A cardboard baler provides a convenient way to bundle the cardboard together and prepare it for recycling. Have the different drink and food booths throughout your venue transport cardboard to the baler before each event starts to free up space, and be sure that anyone operating the baler is trained to handle it properly.


For items that aren't recyclable and not organic matter can go into a dumpster. Work with your commercial trash service set up dumpsters for your venue. Review the average number of concertgoers that attend your events so you can determine how many dumpsters you need on average. For sold-put events, you may need to rent an extra roll-off container to handle any extra trash. You'll want to arrange for trash pickup after each event as well as at least a few times between events to handle everyday trash your venue accumulates.

Talk to a commercial trash service, like Curbside DataControl , about your disposal and recycling needs. Together, you can create a plan that helps you to keep your venue clean and tidy for every event.