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4 Reasons to Create a Community Recycling Center with Roll-Off Dumpsters

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Does you neighborhood or town have a community recycling program? Would you be surprised to learn that creating one is not as difficult as you might expect? You can bring the people of your town or neighborhood together to recycle plastics, paper, and metals. Start with roll-off dumpsters for each type of material to be recycled. Place these in a common location and begin talking to people in your community about how to use them. You'll be creating less trash and educating your neighbors about the benefits of recycling. Here are four more great reasons to create a community recycling center in your neighborhood. 

Raise Money for a Common Benefit

Does your neighborhood need a new playground? Perhaps you have ball fields that could use some updating or a local park that could be freshly landscaped. Maybe there are families in your community who need help paying for basic necessities like food and utilities. 

Once you have collected a dumpster full of materials, you can take it to a larger center that will actually pay you for what you bring. Your neighborhood can then use that money for any common purpose or need. 

When a large group of people commits to recycling, there is potential for making money that can truly help your area. Dumpsters full of aluminum cans or scrap metal can bring in enough money to truly make an impact. 

Build a Sense of Community

When neighbors work together toward a common goal, they form bonds that build the strength of the community as a whole. When you create a recycling center in your town or neighborhood and recruit people to support it, you are offering an opportunity to solidify the feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself or your family. 

People who feel that connection to their neighbors are more likely to take pride in the neighborhood and work to make it a better place for everyone. 

Teach Children the Value of Recycling

National Geographic reports that the average American creates 4.6 pounds of trash each day. This waste is piling up in dumps year after year, and it's a problem that the children of your community are going to inherit one day. 

A neighborhood recycling program allows children to actually see and participate in recycling waste and reducing the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. Encourage kids to get involved in recycling and teach them what happens to the items after they are put into the dumpster. Speak to school children about recycling and invite them to participate in the project. 

Show kids how recycling helps keep air and water clean and helps protect places where animals live. Allow them to see how collecting recycling materials in a dumpster can have a direct positive influence on their daily lives. 

When kids learn the value of caring for the environment around them, they grow into adults that will make positive changes in the world. 

Create Healthy Competition

Why not challenge the town next door to create its own recycling center? Start a competition to see which group can collect the most recyclable materials. Competition is fun, and it encourages people to try just a little bit harder to make an impact. 

The results will be that no matter how much each group collects, both will be winners and reap the benefits of recycling. 

Using roll-off dumpsters from a company such as East Central Sanitation & Recycling makes creating a recycling center easy to do. When your dumpsters are full, you simply take them to the nearest larger center. This is a great way to earn money, build a strong sense of community, and make your neighborhood a better place for all of its residents and visitors.